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Hivemail 2.0
"The Hiveolution"

Hivemail 2.0 is scheduled for release.
Those willing to buy it prior to it's release date will be able to purchase it at a discounted rate.
Before January 1st, 2015 you can use the code EarlyBird20 to take 20% off!
After January 1st, 2015 but before February 1st, 2015 you must use the coupon code 15OffIn15 to take 15% off!

All Promotional codes are CASE SENSITIVE

Maintain YOUR OWN Gmail / Hotmail style Webmail Service and offer free or paid personal webmail accounts to your site visitors, family, friends or employees (!

Hivemail is an excellent tool to bind users to your website. You are allowed to rebrand the software at no additional charge.

It runs on almost any server, expensive dedicated environments are not required.

HiveMail now provides even more features and a revamped UI ! Amongst a stunning File Storage implementation which allows to add attachments from/to Storage, we have implemented the world's first Quickview / Quickreply System - a really slick and easy way to view/reply messages !

HiveMail is backed with a comprehensive Admin Control Panel which reveals all relevant user data & activity and lets you manage your Users, Groups and even paid Subscriptions easily and effectively.

HiveMail is optimized for Performance. It runs perfectly on any server, handles thousands of users and processes hundreds of emails/minute on a standard server. You can even install and run it on a shared server without any noticeable performance loss.


HiveMail - Key Features

  • Unlimited users, messages and domains !
  • Comprehensive Admin Control Panel incl. adv. usergroup management and subscriptions
  • Complete customization using a Database driven Template System
  • Powerful Message Rules, External POP Accounts, Account Aliases
  • New: True multidomain and multilanguage capabilities
  • New: Translated to 8 Languages
  • New: Reasonable WYSIWYG editor
  • New: Direct Delivery: relaying emails directly to the destination server
  • New: Revamped Calendar & Event System (Quickevents, Weekly View, Colors)
  • New: Sortable Sticky Notes
  • New: Drag & Drop File Storage
  • New: World's first inline Message Quickview & Quickreply
  • New: User Avatars and custom new-mail sound
  • New: Tuned for Performance

For a complete list of the features HiveMail has to offer please click here.

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Try out the HiveMail Demo and let the program do the talking - or download the free version.


v1.41 B105 Released!
February 17, 2013

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