HiveMail Features


  • Unlimited users, messages and domains.
  • Fully customizeable using a skin/templates system.
  • Create Multiple Skins for the program and allow users to choose between them.
  • Language Manager: add your own language easily. RTL supported.
  • User Manager: add, edit, delete, validate, suspend users quickly.
  • Usergroup Manager: put your users into groups of choice with individual permissions.
  • Subscription Plans: allow your users to upgrade their free account. Fully integrated with Paypal.
  • Distribution Lists: forward messages to specified users.
  • Activity Logs: Admin, Event, Delivery and IP logs.
  • Signup/Login Integration into your CMS: optional (charged separately)
  • And more!


  • Advanced User Interface, including Context Menu.
  • Fully supports the MIME email format and HTML messages.
  • Quickview: open emails inside the message list without page reload (incl. Quickreply)
  • Ability to create custom message folders.
  • Powerful WYSIWYG editor.
  • Direct Delivery: users can send directly to destination server for priority emails.
  • Integrated address book with unlimited contacts.
  • Address Autocompleter in Compose page.
  • Message Autosaver: prevents your users from losing text while composing a message.
  • Paid Subscriptions, including multiple plans and free trials.
  • Calendar and Event system Ability to create global/shared events.
  • Save outgoing messages (Drafts) and send them later.
  • Powerful Message Rules: sort messages based on several terms.
  • Drag & Drop File Storage!
  • Add Attachments from File Storage and save Attachments to it for later use.
  • Add External POP3 Accounts and receive/send messages directly through HiveMail™.
  • Search messages using a powerful search engine.
  • Sticky Notes: Access, add, sort and categorize valuable info quickly even while in mail.
  • Signatures and Autoresponders.
  • Email Aliases: ability to link additional addresses with the user acount.
  • Huge variety of User Preferences.
  • Strong security measures to assure your users privacy.
  • Special log-in persistence that allows you to resume actions after being logged out.
  • And more!
For your convenience, HiveMail offers the ability to associate users with different user groups. Each group has its own special properties and attributes, such as:
  • System permissions, including:
    - Adding attachments to outgoing messages.
    - Using the WYSIWYG editor.
    - Receiving messages from external POP accounts.
    - Creating custom folders.
    - And more!
  • Group signature: allows you to add a special signature (for example, an advertisement for your site) that is added to all outgoing messages of users.
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v1.41 B105 Released!
February 17, 2013

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