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Version 1.41F Build 105
February 17 2013

To install Hivemail follow the the KB article here.

The Free Version is unsupported. Please read our Support Terms here.

Upgrade to paid version: You can seamlessly upgrade from the free to the paid version at any time. Simply order the full version and change the license ID from adminCP Dashboard.

Updates to newer Builds: When we release a new Build you will be notified. To faciliate the update process we have implemented an updater. Please read the Update KB article for further infos.

Server Requirements (also see KB article here):

  • PHP 5.3.x
  • MYSQL 4+
  • Zend Optimizer With IonCube Support
  • Openssl Support (+ php compiled with openssl)
  • Windows: Hmailserver
  • Linux: CPanel / Directadmin / Plesk

Where to host Hivemail? - things to consider:

  • 1) CPanel: Default Address functionality must be enabled!
  • 2) Hivemail requires Ioncube, thus make sure your webhost has it installed -> you'll likely get a blank page if it is not.
  • 3) A decent shared hosting plan is perfectly ok. Hivemail is very light on resources.
  • 4) We recommend to go to in order to find a good webhost or to
  • 5) check our Hosting page. True cloud webspace plus an affordable outgoing email gateway (optional but very recommended) to protect against outgoing spam and to improve message delivery (see KB Why are my messages considered SPAM?)
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v1.41 B105 Released!
February 17, 2013

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