True Cloud Hosting!

Hivemail provides exceptionally reliable webhosting services in the cloud at a very reasonable price. Our target audience are website admins looking for quality, reliability and performance.

While we have established this service primarily for our Hivemail customers we welcome anybody who's in need of a reasonable webhosting account.

All Cloud Plans come with a 99.99% Uptime Guarantee!

Central Features
- CPanel
- No limits on FTP, MySQL, Subdomains, Email
- Not overcrowded / overloaded servers
- High Performance AND High Availability

Need a place to host demanding applications?
You don't need a VPS nor expensive dedicated equipment. Our servers deliver the performance required to host high-end websites and applications.

HA - High Availability
Our platform is designed for high availability. If a node fails, we auto-migrate it to a spare node. This is a key benefit over legacy hosting services.

Daily Offsite Backups
We do daily backups in the early morning. You can restore backups from the last 7 days and from the 1st of the actual month directly from your CPanel (files / databases / emails).

Add to cart  US HA Cloud Webspace (Chicago)
10GB Disk Space - 100GB Bandwidth - $9.95 / month
20GB Disk Space - 200GB Bandwidth - $19.95 / month
50GB Disk Space - 500GB Bandwidth - $39.95 / month

Add to cart  UK HA Cloud Webspace (London)
10GB Disk Space - 100GB Bandwidth - $9.95 / month
20GB Disk Space - 200GB Bandwidth - $19.95 / month
50GB Disk Space - 500GB Bandwidth - $39.95 / month

Resellers are welcome
If you want to resell Cloud Webspace you can do so on our UK servers! Check our reseller packages by clicking the UK HA Cloud Webspace link above.

Why we don't offer "unlimited" space/bandwidth
We're not a so called "unlimited" webhost. The "unlimited" claim you find elsewhere is a marketing gag. "Unlimited" does not exist, neither in theory nor in reality! There is no such thing as unlimited hardware.
As a responsible Webhost we're delivering quality and don't make false claims.

Outgoing Mail Gateway
This very interesting addon routes all outgoing emails of your domain through multiple external gateway servers.
We generally recommend it as it protects your IP from being blacklisted and is very affordable.
It also helps to deliver emails to the recipient Inbox as the gateway is known to the email world.

30-days money back guarantee on all hosting plans: if you decide to cancel your account within 30 days from the date you ordered, we will fully refund your payment, no questions asked.

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v1.41 B105 Released!
February 17, 2013

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